Advocate for Virtual Parliament Sittings

The maintaining and enhancement of Civil Liberties is one of the hallmark of MAJU’s push for Malaysians. And the bastion with which civil liberties is upheld is Parliament and our state assemblies.

As such we are in full support of this petition to ensure that our legislative governing body continues to function well in this crisis environment, with the raging Covid 19 pandemic.

Please join us in support of our similarly concerned citizens as per their statement below and the petition:

“We, concerned citizens, urge our Members of Parliament to collectively petition the government to conduct Parliament in a virtual platform to debate urgent matters of state. This Virtual Parliament will enable our MPs to maintain Social Distancing and comply with the Movement Control Order (MCO). This Virtual Parliament should sit immediately the day after Parliament is opened by His Majesty in May.”

Tawfik Ismail
Professor Tajuddin Rasdi
R. Nadeswaran
Johan Arriffin Samad
Siti Kasim
KJ John
Professor Terence Gomez
Hussein Hamid
Ir KJ Abraham
Rev MG George
Dennis Ignatius.
Chew Seng Choon, Daniel.
Samuel Ong
Mohd Annuar bin Zaini
Dr Lim Teck Ghee
Mohamed bin Halim
Terence Netto
Beverly Joeman
Datuk Ramli Ibrahim
Aegile Fernandez
Simon Locke
Velu Munusamy Naidu
Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan
Sevan Dorasamy
Adrian Pereira
Professor Shad Saleem Faruqi

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