Too Little, Too Late – Part 2: The Grace Of Courage

By 4pm yesterday, the numbers were tallied and the die was cast. Whatever happens in the next few days, as Malaysians we will need to move on, with courage. In my last post, in Part 1, I talked about acceptance. Well, my darlings, all of you now know how that turned out. On 16th August, […]

He Who Pays The Piper Calls The Tune

And usually, for most countries, this would be true. The people elect the most promising candidates available, expecting that those elected can be trusted to serve their constituencies. In an ideal scenario, those elected will work tirelessly to deliver on their promises, be it exterminating rats or culling frogs or seeing to it that the […]

Whither The Patriots Of Malaysia? Part 2

Hello, fellow Malaysians. How are you feeling today about the sorry ass situation in your country? Can you smell it, the odour of shit piling up in the proverbial outhouses, analogous to a government that keeps creating more piles of shit without hiring enough shit bucket removers to clean up after them. Can you taste […]


The current conundrum that is Malaysian politics, the state of our Nation and where it is heading, has got certain segments of the so-called liberal thinkers asking fundamental questions of the need for real leadership. An interesting question was posed on whether a change of leadership is so desperately needed that we should consider non-Malays […]

The Battle ‘By The People, For The People’ has begun

We are the Change We’ve Been Waiting For. GERAK INDEPENDENT Malaysian intellectuals, especially those who claim that we need affirmative action or that our Malay society has somehow benefited from the NEP in one way or another, should get off their high horses and smell the roses. Malays are actually worse off since the NEP […]

Urban Poverty, its Causes and Taking the Stand

COVID-19 has caused Malaysia’s GDP growth to contract by least 3.1% since the beginning of the pandemic and its impact will be felt most amongst its urban poor.  At least 3.8% of Malaysians living in urban areas struggle to maintain a minimum income to sustain a healthy and reasonable life. This is a serious issue […]

We Need Change Now

See this from outside the box quoting Utusan Malaysia – What more proof do we need that we need REAL CHANGE NOW. There has been a lot of talk about what should we do to change this country. Talk, talk, talk, and more talk. Petitions, press statements, forums etc. It has been done for […]