Dear MAJU Supporters,

On this MERDEKA DAY, we welcome you to our MAJU BLOG – exclusive to MAJU Supporters only. 

Firstly, thank you for being a Supporter. Thank you for standing by the courage of your conviction, putting your name down where it counts. To stand together as brothers and sisters Malaysians.  

The MAJU founding members, made up of common vision friends with our Founder came together more than a year ago to plan, establish and register MAJU. Set up office, our website, process and procedures in strict compliance to financial controls required of a registered Foundation. MAJU did not appear out of thin air. It has been a long journey of hard work, personal funding, and determination. The launch on the 28th August 2019 is just the beginning. And today we have all of you with us. Again, THANK YOU. 

Progress comes in either incremental or step change. The American Revolution in 1775 gave Americans a nation of their own, so did Merdeka.  Still, it did not free slaves or gave women the right to vote. The American civil war of 1861, almost a hundred years later, gave blacks their freedom but it still did not give them equality.  It took the civil rights act of 1964 to give them that equality. Women’s right to vote came only via the 19th constitutional amendment of 1920. 

So, as you can see, progress is a continuous process.  History has also shown that democratic progresses are not led by politicians. Slavery proponents came from the abolitionist movement, women vote from the women’s suffrage movement and black equality via the civil rights movement. No politicians started out in the forefront of these movements all throughout history. 

Reform will have to come from us, the progressive citizens of this Nation in an organized fashion, putting pressure and demanding change and making our presence always felt including at elections. 

Whilst we may think political governance and legislation is the endgame in any reformation, it does not constitute the whole process. It is just one of the ways reform is achieved. But getting there, speaking out on issues loudly and concertedly, strategically implementing campaigns of reforms, making sure the right candidate with the right agenda is elected and continuing engagement with elected representatives and government bureaucracy forms the whole spectrum of citizen reform movement. The work of perfecting this federation that we call Malaysia is a continuous one for all of us at MAJU.  

May 9th has conclusively showed us that progressives, liberals and moderates can make big political change – if we work together. Make no mistake, GE14 was turned by almost 100% non-Malay and liberal Malay votes, not just in peninsula but also importantly Sabah and Sarawak. It was an election won by liberals and progressives of this Nation. And this points us the way. 

Our Malaysian Action for Justice and Unity, MAJU, will be an all-encompassing platform to unite progressive citizens of all races and religious background, network and organize on causes that will bring us towards this aim of reforms based on liberal, moderate and progressive values. We have a bold agenda at MAJU. We will be deliberate and strategic. In a nutshell, at MAJU we institutionalize progressive agenda.

We are not just any other NGO working on a narrow cause. Our activities are a means to and end. We want to change the social, economic, education and political discourse and build the roadmap and the endgame of this Nation. The endgame being a progressive, liberal, moderate and scientifically educated modern Malaysia. 

To do that we need real Malaysian citizens to back us up. To stand together with us as Supporters. No longer faceless and anonymous but proud to embrace being liberals, moderates and progressives, and just Malaysians. We want Supporters to stand by the courage of their conviction and put their name and money where their mouths are. These is the reason for our method of having SUPPORTERS the way it is when you register. 

It is time to be counted. The more we are the more we count. The powers that be cannot ignore us anymore. 

Please help us get 10 of your friends/family members to join MAJU as Supporters and for them to get others to join as Supporters. Time to organize and stand together in an uncompromising voice and demand a progressive Nation. We will MAJU together for Malaysia. 

Thank You.

Sincerely, your friendly neighborhood web-spinner

Mr. 007 


Watch out for Events coming up. We will be announcing our first dates for:

The MAJU Civil Liberties Road Show and in conjunction with the launch and the welcome of the new decade 2020 – the MAJU SUPPORTERS Dinner Convention! 

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  1. Stephanie Chang

    Happy Independence Day! Wishing you all the best, MAJU!

  2. Simon Lee

    Thank you Ms Siti Kassim!

    You are a beautiful person & trully a MALAYSIAN Patriot: a selfless woman of great courage and substance that no politician & bigot in Umno2 & Pas is even fit to carry your shoes!!

    Many grateful thanks for saving our country and courageouusly standing up & speaking out for the voiceless and the victims of abuse under a 50 years racist & corrupt regime.

    Keep up the good fight against the 50 years oppressive and evil regime ruled by a megalomaniac who had corrupt and destroyed every institution in the country!

    Best Wishes
    We ❤ You???????

    “The hottest places in Hell are reserved for those who, in a period of moral crisis, maintain their neutrality.”

  3. Schave De Rozario

    It is so true that Liberals played a major role in the last GE. Sadly, it was soon forgotten and gradually becoming toothless again. It is my believe also, that MAJU can and will make a difference. We have to stand together and bring about a reform for all Malaysians. Thank you for forming this movement.

  4. Susan Ooi Kim kee

    MAJU the way to go. Actions speak louder than words.
    Can provide MAJU account nos ?
    Tried but not successful in the transaction.

    1. Mr 007

      Susan, the fact than you can comment here shows that you have an account no. and is a Supporter. I am not sure the issue. Please click to “Your Account” and see whether your Maju No is displayed. If it is not there please contact Supporter Direct Line and we will manually assist


    Supporting you all the way, Siti! It seemed like such a dark Merdeka this year, until I suddenly heard of the formation of MAJU in the news, and I knew just what I had to do. Suddenly, my Merdeka seemed a little bit brighter, and hope started shining through. I didn’t dare publicise it too much though, as I didn’t want the extremist groups to react to this group, which they had already indicated so in a BFM session. Nevertheless, I see MAJU as the only viable conduit I have at this stage to represent my voice in shaping the future of this nation. TQVM, Siti, for all that you gave done, and doing.

  6. Mohanthas Samy

    Congrats to all at Maju for the courage to speak out common sense.

    Definitely Merdeka Day has brightened for me because of the formation of this blog. Maju must lead the nation to change the mindsets of many Malaysians to get it right for all. We need bold Malay leaders like Siti who have a crucial role to articulate the new narrative of enough is enough. We must effect change now.

    I am sure many will support this cause. All sensible Malaysians must. There was a time where people’s mindset was indifferent to what our politicians were up to. The way the current government is conducting itself is such a disappointment. They will not only hold back the nation but create entrenched backwardness. For sure we will be the laughing stock of Asean in the future because we allowed leaders to hoodwink the country on race and religion.

    Yes there is only 0.4% poverty in Malaysia not 15%. What bunkum? This is how even statistics has become politicised.There is so much suffering among st the poor. Thank you very much Azmin Ali our future prime minister or so he thinks, for pointing out this error. How does a bright Cabinet Minister talk so stupid.

    I hope I can see more Malay brothers and sisters join this conversation. DAP may have failed in this. But lets openly encourage true multiculturalism. Let everyone of your members contribute towards Maju and lets stop complaining incessantly. There are lot of good ideas lets mobilise and take action beyond just talking . Its time to also breath down the necks of our MPs. They are getting too comfortable and not playing the role they are elected for. Mazlee please be warned.

    Enjoy the last day of the Merdeka weekend. Cheers

  7. Sheila Sandhu

    As we support MAJU by becoming supporters, there’s another step we need to take to make it grow. Share the link with family and friends please. Help MAJU spread TGE WORD.

    Let’s unite Malaysians for MALAYSIA

  8. Nixson Harris

    Thanks Siti, happy to be part of a progressive grouping.

  9. Celiene Charles

    Tq Siti Kasim, our Bold n Beautiful sister, for spearheading a progressive movement. There’s hope yet.

  10. Chang L C

    Congratulations for a fitting name/ngo and its aspirations for MAJU!
    May I propose the followings:
    1. Under the memu: “Home”, please inculde a topic on the Malaysian Constitutions, Civil Liberties, Hurman Rights, etc
    2. Popularise the Malaysian Constituions by printing in non-fancy and simple booklets for free distributions to organisations, institutions, associations, schools, ngos and individuals etc. Have companies’ sponsorships to defray the cost. Later othe law booklets such as MACC Act can be printed and distributed.
    3. Introduce a Supporters Counter where the number is live under “Be A Supporter” menu.

  11. Mr 007

    Susan, the fact than you can comment here shows that you have an account no. and is a Supporter. I am not sure the issue. Please click to “Your Account” and see whether your Maju No is displayed. If it is not there please contact Supporter Direct Line and we will manually assist

  12. Mr 007

    Dear Friends,
    Thank you very much for all the comments. Its very early days of our site and we are still ironing a few bugs here and there. without the launch we won’t be able to test it or correct the issues. some take longer than the others but well you know how Merdeka celebrations can go sometimes. so we very appreciate the patience.

    I and a couple other at Team Maju will moderate and update this blog as and when. All your comments are noted for input and improvements. So Chang LC appreciate it very much.

    And based on your says here I can see you all GET what MAJU is all about. We need to shut out the negative outside and focus on what we can do. and let our collective voice ring via MAJU. I and Siti and our friends don’t believe majority Malaysians are extreme. But the voices of extremism is loud. We need to stand and be counted and get more people to stand with us. This is a MOVEMENT, ladies and gentlemen. Make no doubt about it. This not going to be another NGO.

    Tell all your family and friends and get them to join. We have to take fate into our pwn hands rather than sitting by the sidelines.

    THANK YOU & hope everyone had a great Merdeka weekend

  13. Tan Eng hong Eng hong

    best wishes to MAJU. Selamat merdeka

  14. Mahendra Baskaran

    Thank you for the effort and initiative.

  15. JennC

    I am 56 this year, and suddenly I am more concerned than ever about the future of this country and where we are heading towards. Thank you, to Ms Siti Kassim and the team for starting this. I now see a ray of hope for my children and their future children when all seemed lost.

  16. Razali Abu Bakar

    Congratulations on the launching of MAJU.

    It is time the moderates have a cumulative voice of our own. Our political landscape is on the verge of of landslide but many Malaysians are still unaware of it and continue to abuse and exploit the vulnerable soil which is about to give way. The racial and religious extremists in Malaysia are well-organized and seem to be led by some unknown “command centers” behind a curtain. So many actions taken by this group appear to be organized and synchronized by someone that they seem choreographed like a fighting scene from an action movie. Someone or some groups seem to be orchestrating the division of Malaysians and building up the heat of racism and religious bigotry.

    Malaysians in general are rather submissive and are not particularly vocal with their opinion. Hence, they remain silent with what is going on around them regardless whether they agree or disagree. It is time we moderates and concerned Malaysians start to speak with one voice and take the extremists by the horn.

    We wish to make Malaysia free from extremist elements and carry out the visions of our founding fathers to make this country great. We wish to see that all Malaysians regardless of race and religion live in harmony and with respect to each other. It is not hard to do as our parents and their parents had done before them. If those who adopt the extremist view fail to do it we will show them how it is done, the Malaysia way. Let our voice be louder than theirs.

    The important thing is that we must not shy away from our conviction. They will spit at our faces for daring to confront them but if we give up so easily after being spat at then there is little hope left for our offspring to inherit this country. There is no better time to do this as the soil is loosening beneath our feet. Any later we will see a landslide of epic proportion burying our Malaysia beneath. It is now or never.

    1. Santhakumari Vasuthavan

      Well said , as Malaysia is an unique country and its up to us to save it from the extremist!

    2. Mr 007

      dear Razali, yes this is why siti and us formed MAJU. we need to do something to save Malaysia

  17. Santhakumari Vasuthavan

    Thank you very much MAJU & Siti. you have given us hope at a time when it was fading away. You have my support from across the ocean!

      1. Gurmukh Singh Auter Singh

        Where is your pic Mr. 007? I would like to know your identity? Do you live in fear?

  18. Teh Chow Liang

    A sincere support for a light in the darkness. Keep up the good works MAJU, this beautiful country needs unity, strategic direction, progressive education, and most importantly 2 major components, i.e. rational rakyat and government with good governance. Cultivation takes time but persistence yields result. Cheers.

  19. Gurmukh Singh Auter Singh

    Who r the us who formed Maju besides Siti?

  20. Patrick Tan

    Thank you for doing what you are doing. May I suggest in order to get the membership support up, please prepare a simple write up about MAJU and what it is trying to do. Follow up with why like minded Malaysians should support and join MAJU. Then a brief tabulation on how to join MAJU. Once this is sent out to members, they can then viralize this to all their contacts and friends via their friends and social groups. This would be the fastest manner to kick off membership support. All the Best.

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