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Archive for: October, 2019

I know a bit about “maruah” especially after spending years with our orang asli or orang asal in this country. When you have lived amongst them, in the mist of the rainforests like the Temiars and Bateks do, watching them raise their family, with what most of us would call with and from nothing, you

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This Forum was on 25th Oct on invitation of the Royal Selangor Club with various speakers including our Siti Kasim, Professor Tajuddin Rasdi and Dr Lim Teck Ghee. There is a snippet of the video of Siti's talk as teaser. We will post the whole speech later. We are starting to get the message of
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THE HIJAB IS A PERSONAL CHOICE OF MUSLIM WOMEN MAJU condemns the action of the Selangor Religious Authorities (JAIS) in investigating and intimidating muslims for merely having discussions, either by way of speech or in writing, relating to their freedom to not don the hijab. The action by JAIS to commence investigations and possibly to

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Making a stand: Dozens of students and professors stood, turned their backs and held up signs to protest the war in Iraq when former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice delivered the commencement address at Boston College in 2006. – Reuters I THINK it is time we talk about Malaysian education again, considering what has […]

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Sorry friends. I’ve been away recently for a short while. I left there was the Buy Malay First or Boycott Non-Malay Products (take whichever pleases you, I guess) and I come home to find out that there is a Malay Dignity Congress. As I told some friends, this boycott or buy whatever first or last

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