It was an amazing first talk!

I want to thank all my friends who came to the 1st MAJU Talk with Siti Kasim n Prof Taj. Not to mention those on MAJU Council, Advisory Committee, our Youth Committee and volunteers, without which none of this would have happened. We were there to explain our mission and our vision and how we will do it – an organization we build for all Malaysians to unite and change the Nation on progressive liberal values for everyone. The talk was a smash hit.

We had to move from a 200 pax hall to the main Hall at KLSCAH that accomodates a max almost 2,000 pax – and we still overflowed with standing room crowd. People picked chairs from the original hall and organized themselves to fill up the main Hall. And when we were done at about 11 pm the chairs were stacked back and the Hall looked spanking clean – what a class audience.

I am so proud tonight of my fellow Malaysians who came and believed that sacrifice and selflessness and determination to make change comes down to ourselves. We make our destiny. I have always believed and done the impossible. Tonight something tells me the impossible will be possible – again!

We will build this and we will change the socio-political landscape of Malaysia like never before. History will remember tonight.

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