MAJU at the Jaya One Weekend Bazaar

Hello Friends and fellow Supporters,
It’s been an interesting two days for me and our friends at the MAJU Booth here at JAYA One. We’ve are here this weekend promoting and registering Supporters.

It was good to hear the questions and to clarify our objectives and especially our endgame – to be the progressive lobbyist group on behalf of our constituency of Supporters that would be strong enough to compel the political parties, government and bureaucracy to return to the roots of our liberal Rukun Negara:

• Stamp out racist policies and make Malaysia equitable to all races
• Take out religion from the public square
• Protection of human rights and civil empowerment to all especially for minorities and marginalized communities
• A return to liberal values that once made Malaysia great
• A science-centric education system

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  1. Jason Borneo

    Thank you kak n all of you !

  2. Vellu Nadeson

    Hi to all volunteers, thank you for this great effort may God bless

  3. Mr 007

    Thank you everyone for the well wishes. anybody wanna volunteer for the next event let us know pls. go to our supporter direct line. cheers

  4. Lee Kok Chin

    Feel good.. Finally there’s hope joining this. Malaysia, truly a beautiful country.. Let’s keep it so. Justice must prevail.

  5. Mr 007

    we will do more than this. see upcoming events guys

  6. How Tar Lee

    Hello, I just join.
    I saw a message indicating there may be an issue with my credit card payment.
    Please contact me if there is a problem and I will follow up immediately.
    Hope that Maju will have a successful and eventful 2020.
    Gong xi fa cai

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