Of ‘frogs’, Sabah and changing Malaysian politics

THE ink was not even dry from my last column when our politicians again proved me right. There seems to be no honour among politicians. Sabah sure proves that in spades. Today I am going to delve not into any partisan political commentary but observations of the events that have unfolded in Sabah, the character [...]

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Taking stock and moving on for Malaysia

I have taken all this time not writing but observing and pondering the events that has transpired since Covid-19 hit the global stage. Let us count them all: An elected Pakatan Harapan government that was supposed to be the saviour for a progressive Malaysia imploded. A new, Malay-dominated Government came into being in its place [...]

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The race conundrum, victimhood culture

THE claim of victimhood or adoption of a victim mentality is not only a culture. It can grow into a veritable industry. One driver of racism has been racially skewed socio-economic, educational, cultural and even governance policies. These policies have been pursued even before the watershed event of May 1969 which altered the political dynamics [...]

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Can a ‘third force’ break the political paralysis?

Malaysians seem to be suffering from acute analysis paralysis. There is a current tendency of over-analysing or over-thinking our current situation without concrete action or solutions, leaving us citizens paralysed. We see petitions going around asking people to sign for this and that from the comfort of our armchairs. We are quick to sign and [...]

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The counter narrative

TO begin to understand racism it is necessary to dissect the official counter narrative. This consists of several key elements. The first has been to ignore its reality by deleting mention or reference to the word in the official national documentation. Search of the nation’s governmental and administrative documentation including that related to social policies [...]

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Save Our Parliament

【MARTABATKAN PARLIMEN KITA, SATU HARI TAK CUKUP】 Parlimen merupakan cabang perundangan Malaysia di mana suara pengundi akan didengar. Dewan ini yang…

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