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Before I start, let me first inform people that I ain’t no spring chicken and that I’m an old chook. But I’m feisty. So, rule number one. Do not PM me with personal agendas. I am not political. Last night, a Facebook “ friend “ pm’d me and asked me why it was, that as an intelligent woman, I am aligning myself to an unworthy cause a.k.a. MAJU. He had a lot to say about the founding members, non of which were flattering. I thanked him for his advice, then unfriended and blocked him because he decided he needed to call me and have a face off. Good riddance to bad rubbish. So Sir, if you are reading this on a mutual friend’s post, bugger off. But, thanks for recognising my intelligence….ahem, ahem.

And now let me tell you something about strong women. They have all grown a pair, including this old chook. Strong women are scary. Hey, there are days I’m even scared of myself. Now, I’m not sure how this metamorphosis comes about from a scientific point of view. However, I believe that when women no longer need their ovaries for egg production, these ovaries, they morph into testicles. Anatomically however, they stay positioned where they are. But it’s these “thingamebobs “ that have us be strong and focused and feisty and whatever it is that is necessary, to survive in a society that strives to keep us down. ( Sorry, couldn’t resist the science lesson. )

So, mister, grow a pair, then take out RM 50/ from you flea infested wallet, you stingy old poke, and join us.

Now , I don’t know Siti Kassim personally. I’m in awe of her. However, I have followed her initiatives and what she stands for, for many years, now. Her vision for our beloved country is aligned to mine. I just wish my pair of essentials were as big as hers. So, instead of bitching about her to me, just align to her vision. Read about what MAJU stands for. Also, look at all the great visionaries on the panel. Their vision is yours. And now, here are some questions for all Malaysians.

1. Do you believe in this country and that Her people, including you, are awesome, and that this country is worth fighting for?
2. Are you tired of the political rhetoric?
3. Are you tired of being told to leave?
4. Are you frustrated that you send your children to school and that they are being fed with racist ideology and religiosity. That the sciences and technologies are side-lined?
5. Are you tired of working like a dog just to give your children a complete education, and then still having to fork out more for extra tuition, because the education they receive in our classrooms is inadequate?
6. Are you disappointed that the money you donated post GE14, to “save Malaysia” has not been put to the use you thought it would?
7. Are you sick of politicians baiting each other, drawing out and feeding on the worst of each other?
8. Do you believe we need change?

If the above answers are a resounding yes, and resonates with you, then be the change you want to see in our country. Everyday, Facebook is chock a-block with postings from many people who are frustrated with decisions made on their behalf. Everyday we hear from idiotic politicians who shoot off their mouths. More often than not, they waffle and garble and just spew.

MAJU is not political. People who came with political agendas to the roadshow, were shown the door. MAJU will not give them voice or support any political party or individual. MAJU is not about the past. Keep the past behind you, ‘ in your butt’, to coin a phrase. We cannot change what has gone on before. But we can change what’s to come. MAJU is the voice of the future. MAJU is about keeping those we voted in, both accountable and relevant. And come next elections, we can vote out those who were not accountable or relevant. This morning I was asked which racial group was most represented at the roadshow. My answer was, Malaysians were there. I refuse any more to be part of the racial rhetoric. It’s an overcooked recipe and I am as sick of it, as much as the next true blue Malaysian. We are sooooo done with this.

So what is MAJU about. It’s about representation. It’s about voice. It’s about keeping the politicians relevant. The thing is, once our politicians are accountable, they eventually become irrelevant because they just become the voices of the people. How great then will this nation be. A government for the people and by the people. MAJU is also about supporting the minorities that have been bullied, whoever those minorities are. “An attack on our minorities, is an attack of every Malaysian”. The more there are of us that want what’s best for us collectively, the better.

However, MAJU will need funds. So, if you want to see the changes every Malaysian wants to see, pay the fees and become a member. If you want to be part of the success then be part of the machinery. Be part of the journey.

My fellow Malaysians. Our apathy over the last one and a half years has put us here. After, the victory of GE 14, we sat around and watched the shadow plays performed by our leaders. I call them shadow plays because of their dubious agendas. The rest of us Malaysian have been mere spectators . We have only put our toes in the water. It’s time to be all in. If we can get 1 million supporters, we are but a squeak. 10 million supporters and we will be a roar. Will the Government listen to us then? Be there at the next roadshow. The excuses you made not to be there for the first one….well, only you know will know why you weren’t. Now get your money out, become a relevant presence and thus become the change you want to see in your country.

Written By
Jennifer Soars
November 16, 2019.

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