Of Boycotts, Malay Dignity, and Teow Chew Cendol

Sorry friends. I’ve been away recently for a short while. I left there was the Buy Malay First or Boycott Non-Malay Products (take whichever pleases you, I guess) and I come home to find out that there is a Malay Dignity Congress.

As I told some friends, this boycott or buy whatever first or last business will fizzle before it even starts and is actually as meaningless as a fart on a windy day outside. It’s a syok sendiri campaign for those who has got nothing better to advertise to make themselves relevant to those who has less brain than themselves.

Fortunately, most Malays don’t give a gram. You know why? Because life is tough for everyone and they just want to get on with their lives, earn a living and take care of their children. And most actually recognize idiots amongst their midst.

They are the silent majority. We – liberals – Malays and Non-Malays should just ignore these idiots because to respond merely gives credence to their assertions that it has an impact. It does not. It has now been almost a month for this stupid campaign.

So, tell me, has it impacted anything? NOTHING, right. So, let’s move on. Do not allow these idiots to drive a wedge between us Malaysians. That is all their objectives are. Simple as A, B, C. If only we can see. Responding with emotions does nothing but gave them legitimacy. So why do it. Let’s go have a nice cold cendol at that Teo Chew kedai at 1U basement on a hot day.

Now this Malay Dignity Congress is one funny thing I must say. I have 2 responses to the whole thing: There need to be a relevant response because Mahathir and Azmin, as PM and senior government minister, regardless of what they say – their attendance and non-response in a neutral venue is a strategic mistake and gives prominence to an idiotic concept.

Dignity is earned by achievements not by words and demands or by birth. It shows that racists and religious bigots are organized but we liberals of this Nation are not. That is exactly why Siti and our friends et all set up MAJU.

So, we can organize and have strategic responses. Whilst these are early days of MAJU – we are actually moving at warp speed. We need our Supporters to volunteer to assist.

MAJU’s first strategic response will be the First MAJU Roadshow: A Conversation with Siti Kasim & Professor Tajuddin Rasdi: The Battle is Not Over After May 9th. This is jointly organized by MAJU and KL Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall – Women Section.

Please be there at the KL & Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall on the 13thn Nov 2019 at 8pm sharp. Let’s all be there. Bring friends to listen and register and join MAJU. Let’s discuss on what we need to do. It’s time we ACT.

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