Thank You Message and Mini Announcement!

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    Appreciate your effort to bring a new dimension to restore and improve our country in every field esp. the minorities’ needs.
    We the rakyat support you,. Keep up the momentum and spirit.

    1. Mr 007

      dear samuel – thank you for your support. get more friends to register behind us, number will be the key to our success at achieving our objectives to make the changes needed

  2. Jason Borneo

    Hopefully more Sabahan n Sarawakian will join MAJU !
    Thanks kak Siti!

  3. Isma

    Well done Siti. We can get the numbers of Malaysians who really understand and care for Malaysia.

  4. Gurmukh Singh Auter Singh

    Congratulations for starting this blog to voice the grievances of the poor and needy ESP for battling the rights of the real actual orang Asal. Not an easy battle to return to the society of the 60s and earlier of the days of the first PM. Have viral the formation of MAJU on whatsapp, messenger and FB. Unfortunately many don’t care and want others to fight their battle. Many consider they do not want to get involved in politics. How to change the attitude of Malaysian. It is an up hill task yet the battle has to continue . M with you in your battle. God bless

  5. Arasumani Krishnan

    Thank you for your braveness and effort… I hope you and your group could to do the best…

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