The Enrollment Game for Progressive Malaysia

If you are reading this, it means that you have made a choice for a progressive Malaysia, and have signed up as a supporter of MAJU. Well done. Given the present political and emotional climate in our country, your choice is timely. So what’s next? I was asked this very question the other day, as I am sure many of you have, either by fellow supporters who have signed up already, or by your friends who want to. Here is what’s next.

Its now time for every one who has signed up to play a different and very exciting game. It’s a game called the enrollment game.

The concept of enrollment involves knowing that something is good, and then recognising that this is good also for another person or a group of people. For example, you are already a member of MAJU. Are your family members also members? Are those friends in your WhatsApp groups and pity parties and who bitch and moan about what’s going on in this country, members? Have you started talking to them about becoming members? If not, why not? If you really care about this country, then start talking about how you can make a difference for this country, so that this country can be better. Enough already with the bitching and moaning. Show your family and your friends, by your example, that they can stem the tide of racial and religious bigotry. Stop being part of the problem. Be the catalyst for the solution. Be a catalyst for change. This is what enrollment is all about. When you get it, others will get you. And you would have made a difference in someone’s life.

So, as you can see, enrollment, must by its very nature, involve a care factor. You must, by your actions, demonstrate that you care for every single Malaysian, and want all of them to be part of the solution too. Once you have done that, great job guys. You are now at the heart of enrollment.

However, enrollment has another level. It has a mental level. For example, who or what is MAJU? People are going to ask you. They will want to know answers to these and other relevant questions . You must be able to answer why a group of volunteers, in the background of all that is sound and fury, started up this movement. What is their motivation? What are their aims and what are they going to focus on? So, get ready with this. Make these next few paragraphs your information base to recruit new members.

Fashioned after ACLU(American Civil Liberties Union) MAJU, a likeminded or equivalent of this organization, aims at ensuring that the civil liberties and rights accorded to us as Malaysian Citizens, are not eroded by any parties, religious or political. If you need an example, read Siti Kasims take on what she feels, as every Malaysian should, that it is both unconstitutional and discriminatory, that new recruits into PDRM must pass religious and moral tests. This is only one example. There are hundreds of violations of civil liberties of Malaysians that are being trampled upon on a daily basis.

MAJU’s focus: To hold, within the law, politicians and individuals accountable, if they continue down the wayward path of eroding our innate Malaysian values. Our dailies as well as the internet are choc a bloc with how our politicians use the boring rhetoric of race and religion to undermine our basic values. MAJU will not allow this to go on. As new members of MAJU, this is one of the areas we will take our fight to.
MAJU is not political and does not support any political party.
Once one becomes a member of MAJU, it is our responsibility to work for MAJU. You are MAJU. How MAJU grows is dependent on how well you enroll.

The next roadshow is this coming Saturday 14.12. 2019 in Ipoh. Lock in this date. Then get on your phones. Call your family members and your friends. Enroll them. MAJU must grow. And it will grow if you say it will. Go get them, people. Time is of the essence

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