COVID-19: The Great Leveler

We had barely scraped past safe levels of Covid-19 new cases in early 2020, when a hare-brained scheme by politicians pushed the numbers back up a hundred fold, when they allowed an election in Sabah. Thus, where we are today with our numbers of cases escalating, is because of this new government that came in through “fog and filthy air” (Macbeth), and by means “most foul”,  exacerbated by an old slimy fox’s wiles and betrayal. However, where we are today, lies solely and squarely on your shoulders, Mahiaddin. 

So while, as citizens, we are responsible for keeping ourselves safe and healthy by following SOPs, why I put the greater burden on you, Mahiaddin, is this. 

Between you sir, and your pea-brained cabinet, even after one year, your unsanctioned government has never ever gotten the lockdowns right. Intention is 100% result. That is a fact and therefore, that is how I know. It was never the intention of you or your government to reduce the figures. As long as they remain high, you get to hold onto your power, hiding behind a gilded kain sarong, and an emergency rule.

You are the one who has got the tax payers’ money and more. I just calculated the sum total of:

▪️ your bloated cabinet’s salaries, and their allowances and perks, for one whole year, while they do nothing but flout SOPs and go on holidays using tax payers’ money.

▪️ the amount of money GLC holders get paid because you gave them these positions.

▪️ what was budgeted for Covid-19 vaccines. Where is all that money?

▪️ other “funds” that are being taken away from the rakyat and channeled to other causes. 

Ok, so I lied. Mathematics has never been my forte, so after the first million, I lost count. Too many zeroes. I have never had more than three zeroes in my account at any one time. But it’s a lot of money. So, so, so, so much money.

But anyway, sir. Here is what you need to know. As the leader of this country, you are responsible for your ineffectual ministers. And thus, by that token:

▪️ the numbers of new Covid cases today are on your head. 

▪️ the death toll that is steadily increasing in Malaysia, is on your head.

▪️ if the vaccination programme is not completed efficiently and quickly, it’s on your head.

▪️ those people who were allowed to get permits to go home despite borders being closed, and who now have brought back home more than ketupat and rendang from the kampung, causing our numbers to escalate, is on your head.

▪️ if you do not have enough money to buy more vaccines, it is on your head.

▪️ if our economy tanks, it is on your head. 

Because, sir, the new variants of the Covid-19 is not partial. 

* It does not care what race you are.

* It does not care about your sexual orientation.

* It does not care if you are a rapist or a Holy Man.

* It does not care what religion you are or when you last prayed.

* It does not care whether you pray in a church, a mosque or a temple.

* It does not care if you are a graduate, a businessman, a tycoon or a foreign worker, cramped twenty into a one bedroom flat.

* It does not care which cause you champion, be it Palestinian or Israeli.

* It does not care which cause you send money to or show allegiance to.

* It does not care if you have spent tax payers’ money on frivolity or have taken overseas trips with entourages.

* It does not care if you sell your soul to the Devil in exchange for a Mercedes Benz.

* It does not care if you close government schools but have not bought computers for the students to get online classes. 

Death by ignorance is as close to death by any other cause. You have just allowed schools to close without a contingency plan in place. So this too is on your head.


So, sir, you had best be getting your finger out and doing your job. No light shines on you now. You were never our Golden Son, but you might want to step up and try for a bronze medal. Stop with the draughts and let’s play chess. Your pawns, placed strategically, may still help you win at your game and maybe the rakyat will finally forgive you, for what you have done to us. 

Jennifer Soars

(And I’m still waiting for my vaccine!)

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