Malaysia: A country Running on Empty

The concept of trying to fill a bucket full of holes cannot escape even the simplest of minds. What does however escape the minds of Malaysian politicians is their stubborn refusal to see the analogy between this bucket and the fact that this country has run on empty for nigh on 50 years.

Because, no matter how much we collect in taxes, how much we borrow, how much business we do, pockets of corruption, represented by the holes in this bucket will keep us empty, and our vision that we citizens have for our country, will never be realised.

So, how have we arrived here today, at surely the lowest point in the history of our land? How have we allowed our complacency to get to a point that, even before the budget was tabled, we already knew, in our heart of hearts, that it was a forgone conclusion that we would be betrayed, one more time?

Was it hope? Or was it just resignation to a reality and a sickening realisation that nothing will change. At least, not until we can summon our energies to make a difference, one voice at a time. And not until we decide, one voice at a time, to speak up and let them know, we will not be cowered.

So let’s not taint the image of MAJU and the ideology behind Gerak Independent with any association to what has gone on before. We saw, with the case of the budget last week, and at first hand, how party politics and the selfish race for position, had a racially biased and religiously skewed budget, passed.

We watched the theatrics of the past two weeks sucking up our need to puke because we know, willy nilly that we have been buggered. Because each day they will set the table with a new motion to vote on, and each day they will find a way to skew the vote.

Without the veto of a few independent votes that might swing the numbers, we know how this game ends. So people, there is no hope. Party politics has had us run on empty for far too long. Fund Gerak Independent. Let us put the right people in parliament.

Let us change the game. The ball is now in your court. To fund our candidates please send in your donations.

MAJU MY Account Number:
Maybank and email payment details to
info@mymaju.orgor donate via the crowdfunding page:

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