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In this video, MAJU Founder Siti Kasim has a short message to the public:

It has been a year since the official launching of MAJU Foundation. In this short video, MAJU Founder Siti Kasim wraps up our activities of the past year in our mission to build the Malaysia that we want and deserve, and also an appeal for support.

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Dear Friends and Supporters of MAJU,


It has been one year since we launch MAJU and most of you have joined us. What a year it has been.

We went on massive road show and support from you in KL, Ipoh and Penang to come together and tell you we need to be united in strategy so that our values of human rights, civil liberties and equality for all Malaysian can be achieved. We pumped out media content and forums to do this until just after Penang in February COVID 19 hits put a halt on almost all our activities. Even then disaster of Parliament take-over came at the same time. We have had our Advisor patrick teoh persecuted, and we speak against this and all such persecutions. But we have also through my own personal effort won our case against JAWI against the transgender raid – now they can no longer raid anyone without a warrant. We at MAJU also has funded work with orang asli for their causes that I am doing.

At Penang, before COVID, we already unveiled a need to create a new way to elect MPs without political parties and we intend to create the digital system and support mechanism for it. We call it PEOPELELECT. Since the MCO eased MAJU have roped other NGOs to support this effort in a movement we call GERAK INDEPENDENT and we are actively working to crowd fund and create it soonest. We know we can do it within 6 months. Lots of work are afoot. We announce every week all activities via e-mails, our websites, and our FB page. Join our Supporter FB page so your voice can be heard n can discuss together.

But MAJU need your continued support to operate. We have today about 2,000 supporter members amongst you. Please renew your support subscription of minimum 50 ringgit each n give more if you can. We at MAJU’s council and group of Advisors has been working hard, we put our money and resources where our mouths are and it has been worth it with your support. 

Please go back to our website and contribute the minimum 50 ringgit or even more. Please ask fellow Supporters to get more friends to join up and contribute. We need your support more now than ever. I and MAJU need your support to continue and move.

Thank You and let us MAJU together.

I am Siti Zabedah Kasim.

MAJU MY Account Number:

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