New Year’s Resolution – MAJU 2021

Sheraton move, leaping frogs, the lockdown and confusing SOPs, multiple water disruptions, the unwarranted attack on vernacular schools, et cetera. Not forgetting the much-hyped whipped coffee that breaks an arm to make. No one saw them coming. What a dramatic and turbulent year it has been.

It is bizarre to think that this all happened in a span of one year, yet strangely it feels like ages ago. The pandemic sure has distorted our sense of time. Bet many of you feel the same way too.

Anyway, we want to share a sensible tweet by Dr Jemilah Mahmood addressing the public’s behaviour towards the pandemic, because the same can be applied to politics as well. Pinched from one of her tweets: “Behaviour change is critical, so are rules.”

Let’s take a moment to reflect on ourselves, shall we? We noticed whenever a problem arises, especially if it touches on politics and administration, many of us assume someone else will come forward to settle it. When asked to be pragmatic, we spew a long string of excuses to justify our refusal to get involved.

Why do we do this? Have we forgotten the fact that we, the people, have rights too? And that no one is above the law. We have seen double standards, injustice and so much more in broad daylight, and our inaction is what allows the malefactors to continue to do as they please. The diffusion of responsibility must stop. Can we include practicing self-accountability as part of our New Year’s resolution?

We have said it before and we will say it again, there is no harm in giving Gerak Independent a shot. We have put our trust in politicians and they have unequivocally failed us. We need to trust ourselves. We should keep an open mind and try this option to reclaim what is rightfully ours, one step at a time. Strategically but surely try we must.

We must not give up. Whilst others talk, complain, put down our efforts at doing something – we do it. We sacrifice our time, effort and resources because we believe the saviour is ourselves. Let’s believe in ourselves.

You never know, this might be the time we are finally be able to say, CHECKMATE!

While most things have been put to a halt due to the pandemic, the clock never stops ticking. As the year draws to a close, we are inching nearer to the next GE. This is why MAJU and team have been working tirelessly in hope to launch the PeoplElect App soonest possible. So keep your eyes peeled for the big announcement.

We have explained the function of the App as well as the vetting process of selecting independent candidates in our webinars. You can refer to the Gerak Independent website for additional information:

Gerak Independent is also in great need of funds to set up the infrastructure, operate and maintain the system. Donations can be made via electronic transfer to:

MAJU MY Maybank Account – 515120619312
(please send payment proof to so we can funnel the funds accordingly)

Or via the Gerak Independent crowdfunding page:

Stay safe and healthy, everyone! Let’s look forward to a brighter, better, and kinder New Year. What do you most wish to see or happen in 2021? Please feel free to share.

Malaysian Action for Justice and Unity Foundation

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