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  1. Patricia Stephen

    Please take note of the above concern.Thanks

    1. Mr 007

      Patricia – we don’t see the concerns you mention. please advise which are you referring to. Thank YOu

      Admin – Mr 007

  2. Kok Seng Ong

    Our people as a nation is failing miserable due to polarisation, racial card, religion card & rulers card.

  3. Kok Seng Ong

    PH has been a laughing stock & a mockery of how racial card & sex scandal were happening within the party in the eyes the Rakyat Jelata.
    #1. PKR has been destabilised due to DSAI & AA episode
    #2. DAP has been literally destroyed due to Khat-Jawi issue

    1. Mr 007

      Dear Kok Seng,

      we hear your frustrations. This is exactly why we form MAJU – to be the liberal and progressive platform for Malaysians to stand together under what voice and banner without being entrenched with a political party. We want to campaign for what is right irrespective of political inclination and influence. we can only do that effectively with the mass Supporter numbers behind us.

  4. Mr 007

    Dear Supporters of MAJU and fellow Malaysians

    Come with us, register and volunteer where you can. Get your friends and family register as MAJU Supporters. stand and be counted with us. Join us now with hundreds of others already. together with the numbers, no longer anonymous, we will be a force no one can ignore. please come into the MAJU blog post exclusive for supporters and comment there as well. MAJU will be a movement – every activity is means to an end.

    Thank You

  5. Margaret D'Cruz

    Mr 007

    I do hear you loud and clear on on getting people to join. I too share the same sentiments on all the nonsense that is going on in this country. To me as an educationist, the most terrifying words in the English language for more than a decade are : I am from the government office and I am here to help. When this is done, then they are up to something. Right now with MAJU in the picture which I am happy about, I am sure something can be done with all those who have registered. By watching all registered members coming together and doing something, I am sure there would be more people joining which could be done together with recruitment drive. This is just my thought which can be different from those reading my thought. Thank you.

  6. Peng Kong Chue

    already send a message but did not appear, how come…

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