The last 2 weeks has been a flurry of nonsense from our so called political leaders jostling for jobs in Government at our, the tax-payers, expense.

This week we see again why these politicians do not deserve our support. Their comments and the repercussions of these comments show how grossly pathetic their “leadership” has been and the reason why Malaysia is what it is today, with racism and religious extremism taking center stage for more than 40 years now; draining our economic potential and destroying our education system.

Anwar and Mahathir both showed their true colors in their response to the horrible and reprehensible killings by religious fanatics on French soil. Their responses is such that they practically deflect from the horrible acts done in the name of Islam but manage to somehow make the acts as being at best understandable and at worst justifiable.

Instead of self-reflection of where we are as an Islamic society in the 21st century with the problems besetting it, and taking the mantle of leadership to move the Muslim mindset to truly embody the religion of peace, they attacked the French president who has a crisis on his hands.

And we have an ex-PM who disgustingly suggested that Muslims have the right to exact revenge on the French for past atrocities. We will not go into details, suffice to say if we go long enough into history almost every society on earth has been guilty of atrocities on another. By Mahathir’s logic, today Jews have the right to kill Germans and the Chinese have the right to kill Japanese, and they are all so kind to not do it. What a disgusting mindset.

Coming from someone who should be a statesman and one who supposedly represent Malay-Muslims, this leaves a bad impression of Islam. It brings the religion to disrepute. This is not what Islam is.

And where were the so called youthful darlings of our Malay-Muslim political aristocracy in these times? Nothing. It’s just the sound of silence.

Words and insults, actual or perceived, do not justify any violence. Period. Is the Quran as brought by the Prophet so difficult for our leaders to understand, invoke and lead the rakyat?

Quran 3:159

“By God’s mercy, you [Prophet] were gentle toward them. If you had been rude and hard-hearted, they would have turned away from you. Pardon them, ask forgiveness for them, and consult them about the matter, but once you decide on a course of action, put your trust in God. God loves those who trust Him.”

The Islamic community globally need an enlightened leadership. The Muslim society in Malaysia desperately need it to rise above these parochial tribal mindset of “us vs them”. The society need leadership that has the courage to be principled and lead so that we can all be together with our fellow Malaysians as equals to make this Nation great for all. We need real change and this will only come from ourselves, the rakyat. Not the politicians.

To all Malaysians, please support MAJU in our effort with Gerak Independent. Donate. Volunteer. We are hard at work right now. We will be announcing the status of the independent candidates, the process and all other matters related soon once we are able to with the lifting of CMCO.

Siti Kasim

Founder MAJU Foundation

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