The Battle ‘By The People, For The People’ has begun

We are the Change We’ve Been Waiting For.


Malaysian intellectuals, especially those who claim that we need affirmative action or that our Malay society has somehow benefited from the NEP in one way or another, should get off their high horses and smell the roses.

Malays are actually worse off since the NEP came into full effect. Worse off in their economy and worse off in their being an educated society in spite of the overwhelming discrimination in their favour in economic and educational entitlements. In the meantime, the whole Malaysian society is dragged down together by it.

Being a product of NEP times does not equate to having benefited from the NEP. Those resilient ones who made it on their own with a strong foundation of secular education, would have made it regardless of the NEP. Those who “made it” because of the NEP would have wilted completely without it. In fact, they are actually merely propped up, inevitably whether knowingly or unknowingly, helping to destroy our society by their mediocrity (at best) or utter incompetence, at worst, hypocrisy and even entitled “corruption” in their output.

We desperately need a paradigm shift in thinking. Take a listen to this enlightening discourse with Dr Thomas Sowell (a graduate of Harvard, Columbia and University of Chicago, former professor of economics at UCLA, and current fellow at Stanford) on welfare economics based on his book ” Discrimination and Disparities”.

In it you will hear his mentions of Malaysia and the experience of the overseas Chinese. Swap the word “black” with “Malays”, “welfare state” with the NEP, and you will hear a parallel between the state of black Americans and Malay society today.

Affirmative action fails everywhere. Education, real secular education, and strong work ethics are the only solution to individual and societal progress. Period.

It’s time to dismantle the NEP, the bumiputra/non bumiputra dichotomy, and the wasteful and utterly economically draining religious-industrial complex in Malaysia. It’s time Malaysia becomes a nation of equal citizens, where merit prevails and each citizen will hold up another to success because we are one.

Help us at MAJU, and with our friends let’s build Gerak Independent (GI) to bring forward MPs beholden to the Rakyat to change our nation; a group of GI MPs, no matter how small the number, to spark the change by electing persons of integrity, bringing civil liberties, human rights, secular scientific education, merit based resilient economy AND a nation of equal citizens for all Malaysians.

The fight ‘by the people, for the people’ has begun. This is our fight; yours and ours. This is our Gerak Independent. Together. Supporters and friends, set aside even RM 10/= a month and donate. Every month. Let’s make it happen. Get people around you to do the same.

Candidates are being vetted. The PeoplElect app will be rolled out in March. Let’s come together for all Malaysians.

Donate to: Malaysian Action for Justice and Unity (L) Foundation
Maybank: 515120619312
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