We Need Change Now

See this from outside the box quoting Utusan Malaysia – http://syedsoutsidethebox.blogspot.com/2021/01/tun-arshad-ayub-bocor-rahsia-antara.html

What more proof do we need that we need REAL CHANGE NOW. There has been a lot of talk about what should we do to change this country. Talk, talk, talk, and more talk. Petitions, press statements, forums etc. It has been done for what 20, 30 years or more. And the government, civil service, education system and our Malaysian society kept getting worse and worse every year. The economy has followed suit every year and we are getting less and less FDIs. The Malay government from after Tunku Abd Rahman has with the NEP divided Malaysians, made everything about race rather than merit. And this will not change no matter how many forums, petitions are done and new NGOs come and go. The politicians are in it for the power and money. Not for us or Malaysia.

Let’s be honest. We need to start the change in Parliament if we want a changed Malaysia. Anything else, forget about it. Even if we start small. That is what our friends at MAJU and GI with other NGOs and individuals came up with Gerak Independent (GI). It is borne from the belief that NOTHING in this country will change if we rely on politicians and political parties – any of them. They have all failed us for 60 years. In fact, those who built the country were never in Government. The country has been built by the private sector and its people. Paying taxes and getting very little in return whilst the politicians plunder, made our education system worse, less secular and more dependent on religion and ketuanan.

The GI movement with MAJU and its friends has been hard at work doing things hands on with very little money, few resources and lots of sacrifices. GI has been vetting approximately 10 candidates I have been told and they want more good quality people to STEP UP – especially Malays with integrity, the right values and who are accomplished. They have almost finalised the development of the PeoplElect application that they hope will be an electoral game-changer to how they will delier MPs for the rakyat, by the rakyat, to the rakyat.

If we don’t step up – then DONATE. They need all our help with money. Get your friends and family to donate.

I want to add something with regards to all the talks about the need to get Malay majority to support progressive mindset and vote accordingly. We need to stop talking like this. This is strategically not workable in the short term. GI is strategic.

We must understand the facts:

Progressive Malays are typically liberals with regards to religion. Because of our education and governance system this group is approx 8 to 10% of the population only.

Majority Malays – say 70% of them are followers and not really extreme. Do not be misguided to think the loud 5% extremists represent every Malays.

However, this 70% typically will follow an emerging leader whoever they are as long as the person is bestowed that status. Hence you can have Mahathir, Najib and Anwar as leaders – even though each are totally different personalities and character and religiousness. The problem has been the political parties mould and elevate the wrong kind of leader just due to the very nature of political parties. And when they sit as leaders, they demand loyalty to them. All political party and hence the leaders get up on the strength of loyalty rather than integrity or capability. And you also amass power by amassing money and having fawning followers. It’s a vicious cycle.

We therefore have to be strategic. Hence the Gerak Independent movement put strategic change FIRST. Start somewhere so a leader can emerge later to change the majority society. That leader will come out of GI in Parliament. We realise such a leader for Malaysia to change will not emerge out of the political party system. The political party system does not work for that purpose. That is why those with integrity and potential are always pushed aside in all the political parties. Warlord loyalties come first.

Going back to majority Malays. The character of the Malay society (to follow the leader) is such and our education and governance system that is overwhelming, if you go the route of trying to change the Malay grassroots first, then you will wait till the cows come home. You will not be successful. You need to produce a leader that will make them follow.

Hence the liberal Malays and non Malays need to put such persons not affliated to party politics into Parliament. And that is why the focus has to be with the help of mainly non Malays – like it or not. In short, it’s a trojan horse strategy. GI has been well thought out by not just MAJU but with respected individuals in our society and other activist NGOs together. We recognise the uphill battle but it is a realistic battle that will yield real results in the short and long term.

By doing this we will also put individuals who will work in caucus as a bloc to speak out and push for agenda that even after PH won were not delivered. Because GI don’t have a party leadership to tell them to shut up or not vote or not attend they will start to change how Parliament will work. The public will see it and make demands on the other political parties to be in step. There will real tangible be pressure rather than petitioning and shouting outside Parliament. This is why political partisans does not want GI to succeed. It will erode the powers of political parties and their warlords. Inevitably.

But GI will work together on like-minded issues and push them to achieve that and get them in power as government as a swing bloc. GI is not selfish. Its ultimate tangible agenda is to kick off the catalyst to change Malaysia for the better by using Parliament.

To do this means a lot of detailed hardwork in the background. That’s why we don’t talk much. There is too much work. And we need funds to operate and develop our tools like PeoplElect which is now being constructed. Support the GI effort with funds and help us raise those funds.

Contribute please to this account:

MAJU MY Maybank Account: 515120619312
and send payment proof to info@mymaju.org

Or via GI crowdfunding website: https://gerakindependent.com

Charles Arputham

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