He Who Pays The Piper Calls The Tune

And usually, for most countries, this would be true. The people elect the most promising candidates available, expecting that those elected can be trusted to serve their constituencies. In an ideal scenario, those elected will work tirelessly to deliver on their promises, be it exterminating rats or culling frogs or seeing to it that the people they serve, have at the least, their basic human rights met: food on their tables and shelter from the elements. The sad truth is that even these two basic amenities are not the lot of many Malaysians, now flying white flags from their roof tops.

However, in this country, the reverse of the saying in the title, is true. Except for the three months when they ‘sacrificed’ 30% of their fat juicy pay packages, which our tax payers pay for by the way, Mahiaddin and his minions have been calling the tunes and in the process, the citizens have paid the pipers, over, and over, and over, again. But, it’s never been enough because these greedy minions, have insatiable appetites. And they finally made their ‘sacrifices’, not voluntarily, but only to stay in power.

You know a sitting Government is thinning at the edges, when it gets called out by a former, overthrown regime and an old man, who, after 22 years of systematic destruction of a nation, still believes that the people want him. But that’s a story for another day. In the meantime, let’s turn our attention to more serious business.

Some interesting facts and fancies
The Gospel, according to Najib Razak is that since the beginning of 2021:

  1. The PN government has borrowed RM160 Billion
    Using screenshot details from the BN website, Najib Razak also claims that billions of ringgit in bonds were issued by the government with BNM as the facility agent.
  2. The three transactions he is querying are labeled as:
  • Islamic Treasury Bills
  • Malaysian Government Securities
  • Government Investment Issues
  1. He further makes claims, that in the span of the last 10 days, the PN-led government have made borrowings to the tune of a cool 11.5 billion
  • July 27: 5.5 billion
  • August 3: 4.0 billion
  • August 9: 2.0 billion

My query is, if indeed that amount of lolly has been borrowed, who is going to pay it back, and on whose watch? Yesterday, in a private post, I mentioned that math was never my forte, but even for me, it feels like a lot of zeroes involved in these loans. Hello, young people, our future generation of Malaysians, this is money borrowed against your future, guys. By the time this lot are done with our country, there will be no money left to educate you lot. If this news doesn’t worry you yet, it should.

Anyway, let me move on to what is next.

Since you have oodles and oodles of money, Mahiaddin, and seeing how many more of our citizens are going to die because of:

  • your mishandling of the pandemic;
  • your cock-eyed priorities of self, greed and politics;
  • your own lack of leadership skills in leading by example;
  • your failing to get your bloated cabinet ministers to go down to disseminate information to the grass roots about the way the virus spreads;
  • your delay in rolling out the vaccination processes;
  • your forever changing and confusing SOPs;
  • your innate ability to deny support where it was crucial, thus overwhelming the frontliners and our hospitals;
  • your greed for power and wanting to please frogs and cronies with GLC’s, there is only one option open to all Malaysians.

All affected Malaysians must collect from your PN government some form of compensation, through open public appeals, NGOs, Aduns, District officers, or through direct communication with Mahiaddin’s office, to recover your losses over this last one year. Suffering Malaysians, it’s time to stand up for yourselves and for your rights. Listed below are some things you must claim compensation for:

  • Withdrawal of EPF. The hare-brained scheme of getting people to take out their EPF has back-fired. These people took out their money, but after one year of being unable to work, this money is all gone now. For those who did so, please begin a public appeal with others to get compensation from the PN government to put back your money into EPF, for your future.
  • Loss of a job because certain sectors were shut down for more than a year. All those affected should appeal for 50% of your earnings to be returned to you because your company closed down. Get your former bosses to make the appeals. Claims to be backdated to the date of enforced closure.
  • Death of a family member. You cannot put a value on life. However, as this government is responsible for their deaths, begin a public appeal with all those affected to get the PN government to pay a minimum of RM50,000 per death to help their next of kin until they get back on their feet.
  • Patients admitted to hospitals and who contacted Covid in hospital due to the overcrowded conditions, should appeal as a group to the PN government for some form of compensation. If they died from Covid, the conditions for death applies. If they recover, a compensation of RM10,000/- should to be paid for unnatural duress.
  • Until, at least 80% of the population are vaccinated, all heads of households should be given an incentive of RM 2000/ a month to stay home if they can prove loss of income, especially if they are casual workers, for example, manual workers, horticulture nursery workers that have not been able to work for a year now, and maids and other casual workers. Claims to be backdated for one year.
  • Other issues. Nathanial Tan, a Patroit, and a young and dedicated activist for a right and fair Malaysia, began a hunger strike on August 4th. Yesterday, he passed the baton to GBSM President Gurpreet Singh. He had by then been without food for 6 days. Nathaniel’s demands are simple and are easy enough for you Mahiaddin to meet. People are dying, boss. Time to finally do what is right. His demands are:
  • for your Government to empower experts for Covid-19 decision making
  • RM500 million funding for Covid-19 hospitals
  • to appeal to your Government to stop muzzling frontliners from speaking out
  • for clear accurate information on companies allowed to operate
  • free supply of N95 masks fo all hospital workers and police

Mahiaddin, it’s no longer important to us who leads this country. You want to stay, stay on till the end of the term. We no longer care any more. We are too battle weary. However, if that is what you are choosing, then please, set things right. Please.

Jennifer Soars: 11.8.2021

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