Is Our Society Doomed?

After the 1969 racial riots, a shameful blot on our history in Malaysia, as a people we were dumbed down, as year after year, beginning with Tun Razak, those that took over, instilled fear of a recurring riot. And so, election after election, we placed our faith in the weak and heartless Prime Ministers that followed. We were dumbed down by fear. Every election, the narrative was the same. 

And so we were warned and now it has come to pass. It is significant that this was written in the year Malaya became independent. 64 years later, this is where we are at. Such a young country, but now with so much shame, that even foreign investors won’t touch us with a barge pole. 

When you lose something precious, only then do we understand pain. After the last statesman that this country ever had, our first Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman, had passed on, it would not be an exaggeration to say, his passing was the beginning of the end of a once proud nation. We lost both an officer and a gentleman. Many of us lost a father, our Bapa Malaysia. What followed in his wake, was a series of either weak or ineffective Prime Ministers, and then that one other, who can only be described as pure evil. 

I will not mention his name, because to do so, would also make me complicit in the fact that back then, people in my generation did one of two things. We either fled the country, post riots, or stayed, living in hope and then dying in despair as our once thriving economy was compromised by greed and inept management and eventually our already delicate race relations became further fragmented.

I use the word complicit because we have since watched in silence as our standards of education have been systematically and deliberately eroded. In truth, given where we are today, where we still are talking about groups of people called B40 or A30, attests to the fact that this has all along been their insidious agenda to keep the masses dumb and the races segregated. 

We have had the history and we have seen the process. The tragedy is that now we have a new reality, compounded by the advent of a virus, but the mechanics of apathy that brought us here, is the same. We are still the prisoners we were 64 years ago. Perhaps an even greater tragedy is that we are still lying in a bed we were complicit in making. No, not the virus. I think that the corona was godsent to teach people to wash their hands, stay home and if there is no toilet paper, to wash our bums instead of cutting down more trees. Because for some reason a fear of toilet paper running out is holding Malaysians in a vice of sorts. 

However, my quirky sense of humour also believes that God sent the virus to wake us up to the reality that we need to take this country back. We have seen, first hand, how a traitor sold us out and gifted our country to the present regime. We have seen first hand what a regime with nothing else to do but dumb us down with lockdown after lockdown and an emergency to boot, will do to stay in power. And finally I hope that the God in each of you has seen how party politics has destroyed our beautiful country and has turned loving people into cruel racists and religious bigots. 

Many people believe that Gerak Independent will not work. You have no way of knowing that it won’t. What evidence we do have, is that party politics has screwed us over so many times. More than that, party politics has created a species of frogs so vile, that there are no longer any kissable frogs sitting on lotus leaves in our ponds. They have all developed an ability to drive posh cars and have fat bank accounts. They hop from party to party at a drop of a cool few million. We need to cull this lot, me thinks. 

Gerak Independent candidates are ready to go. PeoplElect is ready to roll out. In the meantime, we need funds to go to the polls. Please donate generously to the candidates who will be fighting for us in the next elections. We are ready to stop the rot and take back our country. Are you?

Jennifer Soars

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