Malaysian Lockdowns: The Cruel Reality Of A Failed Leadership – Part 2

✳️ A context. It was not my intention in Part 1 to write merely about how our leaders have failed in their individual leadership roles, because every Malaysian has their own personal experience with how their government has failed them.

▪️ Minority races, especially those from Sabah and Sarawak, must know what it feels like to be sidelined while they watch the rape of their lands, leaving them cut off by quagmire as the bare hills weep their mud. Has anything improved for them since this present government took over?

▪️ The Orang Asli may have their own issues with indoctrination. What has Mahiaddin been doing about this practice of religious indoctrination?

▪️ Minority races, like the Chinese and the Indians, must know what it feels like to be denied places in the local universities as the quota systematically removes them from contention and scholarships are given only to the chosen ones. Has anything changed since this present government took over?

▪️ Our Education System is fast becoming an avenue to instill warped ideologies and perpetuate sexual agendas that degrade our young defenseless teenagers.

It is shameful that young female teenagers are having to take their experiences with predators and bad educators and post their grievances on social media because our school system is no longer the safe space it is supposed to be.

It is disgusting that teachers insinuate or openly suggest that male students are ‘easily excited’ and might rape if aroused. These teachers need to be ferreted out and removed from our system. Will they be? What’s the present Government’s stand on this? Can parents still trust institutions of education to keep their children safe?

✳️ So like I said, every Malaysian has their own axe to grind and thus needs to be clear of what is next for themselves.

For now we cannot go to the polls. The pandemic is real. So are the numbers. We know who caused it. However, this fact is no longer relevant. If this government can’t get their act together to heal our present situation, it’s time for Malaysians to look after ourselves. Besides, we are still under emergency rule. And the virus is still playing merry hell with us.

✳️ What’s next? Well for now, first things first.

▪️ It’s our responsibility to stop this pandemic. We know the drill.

▪️ Adhere to the SOP’s

▪️ Stay home and away from people. So this means celebrating Hari Raya Aidilfitri with your immediate family only. We don’t know who has the virus. It’s in the community. Be careful people, be very, very careful.

✳️ Once we flatten the curve, put pressure on this government to get back into Parliament. If everyone, with one voice, speaks out, they will have to reconvene. So, when that time comes, let us make social media an uncomfortable space for the present government to be. We can do it. We are Malaysians and we will not be bullied.

✳️ Once we can go the polls, (they cannot avoid that forever) vote them out. And while we are talking about voting, make sure you are careful about which independent candidate you choose. Gerak Independent will be fielding some awesome candidates (to be announced very soon). Party politics has died a natural death.

But, whoever we vote for, this lot has got to go. They are way past their expiration date. Sheeesh…

We really need to vote them out because it’s their poor management of this country that has put us where we are today as far as:

  • failing to stop our economy from tanking.
  • failing to manage a pandemic efficiently and putting all our lives in danger.
  • failing to keep our education system from going to the dogs.
  • failing to protect the rights of all the minorities irrespective of race or religion.

Time to take back our country, folks. The old guard must go and it’s up to us now to save this country. If not now, then when?

Jennifer Soars

Link to Part 1:

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