Whither The Patriots Of Malaysia? Part 2

Hello, fellow Malaysians. How are you feeling today about the sorry ass situation in your country? Can you smell it, the odour of shit piling up in the proverbial outhouses, analogous to a government that keeps creating more piles of shit without hiring enough shit bucket removers to clean up after them.

Can you taste it, the bile forming in your stomach because of that stench and forcing that bile up the back of your throat and into your mouth so you now feel like puking? So go on then, puke or else, just swallow that mouthful of vomit and chase it with a cup of coffee, or a whisky or some tuak of pretense, just so that you can wake up each morning and forget that all the yesterdays of the past year never happened.

Because, if you don’t pretend, you must face the reality that the whole lot of us, here in Malaysia, have been buggered by a system of politics and governance that can no longer serve us.

Party politics has become vomit material. In the last one year in order to stay in power:▪️

unholy alliances have been formed to “get the numbers”.▪️

frogs have jumped into the right arms and have been kissed into princes and given positions. ▪️

a state of emergency has been declared under the guise of Covid 19 control. Yet,

???? while businesses are open and schools are open, PARLIAMENT STAYS SHUT.

???? elections were allowed in East Malaysia while it was convenient to do so, but now we cannot go to the polls to get back the government we want.

???? those in power can leave the country for many reasons but we cannot leave the state.

???? emergency laws are in place to cower the people but nothing is being done about our deteriorating race relations and blatant religious bigotry.

I could go on, but the shit piles growing around us are so numerous, our view of our beautiful country is being obliterated and soon, instead of face masks, we would have to start walking around with gas marks instead.

So, given that party politics is just shit being plated up on a daily basis and that this country is going to certain breeds of domestic dogs, chimps and rabbits (I’ve just been told that these animals love nibbling on shit), let us as citizens do something different.

After all, insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result. And I’m not bleeding insane. Are you? Let’s go, Gerak Independent. Let’s get our country back, one candidate at a time, one constituency at a time. If you want to know more about us, go to our website. Also, make sure you keep your eyes and ears open throughout April and follow us on YouTube. Listen to an icon and a woman of substance who tells it like it is and who speaks her truth. Nantikan #DisebalikNama “Siti Kasim” April ini di YouTube Maju Malaysia https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqRlqkBm9O5r5UBhBsnBikw Jennifer Soars 3.4.2021

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