MAJU must make clear that our principles are not for compromise, whether to endear ourselves to the powers that be or to play for popularity of a majority segment of the populace at the expense of the objectives of fighting for the rights of every Malaysian to be equal in this Nation whilst at the same time sounding liberal – that is not us. We call a spade a spade. We believe in being the catalyst for a Nation by being truth-tellers without pandering to any segment for popularity.

We must make a stand against writings and opinions that we believe are not only wrong in analysis but are detrimental to the objectives of creating a progressive Malaysia.

We will defend and speak out when any persons are persecuted by authorities for their right within the law to voice their opinion or criticize any events or acts committed by whomever irrespective of that person’s status. Malaysians must have the right to criticize the powers that be when they are wrong in whatever manner within the law without the threat of persecution. And if persecuted MAJU will voice out its defense for such right and person(s). To object to that in any form for any reason is not in-line with MAJU principles.

MAJU also stand by the right of Malaysian citizens including the civil societies to demand that politicians they elect deliver on the promises they made, whether in manifesto or campaign, to deliver on such promises.

Therefore, it is not just ghastly but the height of hypocrisy to suggest that the civil societies demanding the very people they voted in to deliver on their promises were the cause of the downfall of the PH Government. To characterize such calls as being “impatient to see change” is nonsensical since that is the very reason the Rakyat voted these people to Parliament – to see change. If not by them, then who? If not by now, then when? And to characterize such calls as being made “loudly” and “rudely” is based on whose opinion?

Asking for what is due of what is promised is not rude. It is a right of the rakyat who voted based on those promises. Asking loudly is their right if the people they voted seemed to be deaf after obtaining power – if it is indeed “loud” at all. But what is wrong with being loud regardless?

But why do one vilify those with righteous demands as rude and loud but then becomes an apologist to those who scream racist and extremist lies and vitriol? Where is the call for “adab” when it comes to these racists and extremists. Why the double standard? Is it because they are the “tuan”?

Worse of this all is this whole notion that the demands “did not take into consideration of the sensitivities of the Malays and Muslims that was brought up by Islamic conservatism, the activists loudly and rudely demanded change”. This is utterly reprehensible in its characterization of noble civil societies that fought for change and the rakyat that voted for change. It is suggesting that the rakyat that won the elections for PH is somehow supposed to bow to Malays and Muslim-conservatives who effectively did not vote for PH and in fact lost the election.

Election has consequences. And the consequence for the PH to get into power is to effect change and not to somehow bow to those who voted against them. Or for those who voted for change to then be demanded to be second class citizens that they are to self-censor themselves for the “sensitivities” of racists and religious-extremist politicians and their hard-core supporters.

Liberals and progressive Malays, Non Malays, Sabahans and Sarawakians are equal Malaysians. WE ARE NOT SECOND CLASS CITIZENS that must be asked to somehow keep our mouths shut for the sensitivities of extremists and racists.

And we are not the reason for the downfall of PH. We were the reason PH got into government in the first place. So from now on please tell anyone who says so to go away and be apologists to racial and religious ketuanan elsewhere.

There seem to be quite an attempt to place the blame for the fall of the PH Government on the right-thinking rakyat and the civil societies who asks for nothing more than what was promised. It is almost a coordinated attempt at this propaganda to guilt the rakyat into buying this narrative. As if asking such things are deemed “rude” but somehow not delivering them are dismissed as being something we were impatient about. As if asking for the promises to be delivered is the reason these MPs we voted in based on those promises became frogs. Sorry. We at MAJU are smarter than that to buy such snake-oil.

The right-thinking rakyat and the civil societies are not the reason for the fall of the PH Government. Let us make that truly clear. It has nothing to do with what happens outside of Parliament by the rakyat who voted for PH.

The fall of PH is because especially its Malay leaders, who were bickering and jostling amongst themselves for power and position. PERIOD. Most were incompetent at their jobs but were more interested in being appointed as the next PM or the next Minister or strengthening their power blocs within their political parties and therefore the Government instead of doing their job at leading the Nation towards the change they were voted into Parliament for. THAT IS THE REASON AND ONLY REASON.

They were jumping like frogs within their own coalition to secure power then and future power for themselves. The rakyat or the civil societies had nothing to do with it. But somehow it seems very convenient for commentators who has political aspirations with the powers that be to make excuses for these greed for power and utter failures of the politicians to perform their duties but lay the blame on so-called impatient demands by rakyat and civil society. What utter bollocks.

We at MAJU are especially appalled at so much suggestions at appeasing those who object to change and that the religious people be coddled and even suggested to be given positions and perks in government to buy them over – is this not corruption and further injecting religion into governance? Have we not learned the lessons yet after more than 35 years of what that has wreak havoc on our once united harmony of multi-ethnic multi-religious society? Even suggestions to censor speech on social media. What society are we advocating? The public sphere is where ideas, good and bad are debated and won and lost. What always tend to happen at the end of the day throughout human history with censorship is the powers-that-be choose what they will allow to be said. And the loser will be civil liberties and freedom of right-thinking rakyat.

I think we the rakyat need to stop swallowing these lies they are feeding us to absolve their sins. We at MAJU have seen through enough of these lies and propaganda to cover for the failures of the politicians to do the right thing but instead blame the rakyat for so-called impatience. And the sycophants that repeat these propagandas need to be told to stop their sucking-up to the politicians and to stop vilifying right-thinking rakyat and civil societies to what has befallen our dream on the 9th May 2018. The villains are the politicians from the political parties whose interests are their power and their power alone. They cause the PH downfall with their greed and power grab and no one else. Enough is enough.

And MAJU and other NGOs has banded together to remove this yoke as fast as we can for the next General Election through our Gerak Independent movement. Please go to our crowd-funding website and read the details of what we intend to do with the funds we raise to bring a bloc of quality, high integrity, progressive independent MPs to Parliament that will shift the balance and be the real catalyst for change for Malaysia. We have proven that we have the numbers that can make that change before. We can do again but this time we vote for people who will make change for the rakyat rather than those beholden to their political parties’ warlord and personal power.


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